Five Perfect Wedding Shoes that Don’t Kill Your Feet

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Stating the obvious sometimes helps – when it comes to planning a wedding, the devil is definitely in the detail, with so many things to get ticked off the checklist that it can seem never-ending!

Not panicking is easier said than done, but a top tip to keep in mind is that the theme you’ve chosen for your special day should be a deciding factor in nailing the look and feel of the big day. This includes jewellery and accessories as these can really help set off and emphasise whatever theme you’ve gone for. Co-ordinating items that can be worn by the bridesmaids and best man, as well as the lucky couple, can really help add a touch of je ne sais quoi and make the day more memorable.

As ever though, time can work against you, which is where luxury fashion jewellery can be a lifesaver! Whether the theme of your wedding is a floral or a colour theme, it is well worthwhile browsing what jewellers have to offer, to find individual items that compliment the dress, flowers and venue decorations that you’ve chosen.


adminFive Perfect Wedding Shoes that Don’t Kill Your Feet

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