We are Budnick photography!



I currently live in Southern California with my wonderful wife, Jordan, and our daughter Audrey. Photography is my life! I love soft light, dramatic portraits and moments that take your breath away.  A wedding has all of those. Each wedding I’m filled with excitement and a dedication to our couples that we will be there for them to capture the magic of two people joining in marriage.

Weddings are so very personal to me and I am honored to work with every bride and groom. To document such a once in a lifetime event is truly magical and I strive to capture that in each and every photo!

I am fortunate to work with my very talented brother Taylor, as we capture life, one click at a time!



I also live in Southern California, with my beautiful fiancé Norma. Surfing along with photography are two of my greatest passions. There is nothing more gratifying than capturing timeless moments in this adventure we call life! I specialize in documenting the day through the eyes of the groom.  From the moment he gets ready to the last dance, I will be there to capture it all!

Weddings and engagement sessions for me are the most exciting and rewarding, simply because these fleeting moments go by so fast for the bride and groom, and I make myself personally responsible to capture true love! 

Working with my brother is amazing! It brings us closer together and gives us a unique advantage because we trust each other implicitly when shooting!

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